Blossoming Secrets
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About Us

Blossoming Secrets, Inc. is an organization that is a result of my daughter’s transition from a little girl to a young lady.  This transition is one of the greatest, yet somewhat traumatizing events that a mother and / or father will face with their daughter.  It was at age eight when my daughter began to experience her body changing.  Pains in the stomach, headaches, and small mood swings led me to believe "the transition" was near.  The pains and agonies of womanhood were slowly creeping in and I felt that she was too young.  I was relieved that it wasn’t the time yet.  But I needed to prepare her.

In our western culture this experience is viewed in a shameful, something you should hide, negative way and therefore we don’t prepare our daughters.   I wanted my daughter's experience to be empowering - not yielding her helpless to the process.  I had The Talk and explained what she was experiencing and why I needed to prepare her.   Well I was shocked at the response I received from her.   She looked at me and said, “Mommy, I DON’T WANT TO BE A GIRL!”  With that being said, I knew that I had to find a way to help my child and myself embrace what was inevitable, PUBERTY.

I took a deep breath, kicked into Mommy gear. I began to research websites, obtain pamphlets and books on the subject.  I also spoke with a few friends to help us embrace one of the biggest transitions in life, becoming a young lady, a woman.  I had always told her how beautiful she was but now she would understand the beauty of the Blossoming Life within her.  How this next phase in life shouldn’t bring fear but power.  

As the years continued, she would continue to experience a few discomforts and three years later, there it was… yes WOMANHOOD, MISS, SENIORITA, MADEMOISELLE!!!

  • Daughter: “I thought my mom was joking concerning puberty.  I was horrified of all she told me, not holding anything back, and yet I knew mom was only telling me what I needed to know.  It was true, one day this change would happen and I needed to know how to deal with it.  Laughing, I look back on it and I am so glad mom took the time to explain this transition in life.  Though I had fought the inevitable within and out, when the day came I wasn’t in a panic, I was prepared, had everything I needed (mom had more than equipped me with all necessities), and I could function without an interruption in my day.  I still ask the question, why can’t boys go through this and not girls.  Ugh, lol, the good thing is that I am not limited at what I can do and my mom has helped me to see and understand EMBRACING my life as a young woman.”

Now embracing the day, my daughter and I have decided to take what appeared to be negative experience and turn it into a celebration, a positive and creative adventure by allowing her to create every girls dream and a mom’s heart of fashion, accessories, games, activities, necessities,  and chats, through Blossoming Secrets, Inc. by Elizabeth Ramsay, empowering all girls and moms/dads to EMBRACE THE TRANSITION.      *** Celebration Time***

Embracing The Transition