Blossoming Secrets
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What is happening to my body?

Calling DIYers

GIRLS, during this season you will experience many changes to your
body. Acne may appear on your face.  Mood swings where you have little toleration for many of the things that
may have never bothered you before suddenly begin to take place. 

Your breast begin to grow, you begin to get taller or gain weight, and hair grows in areas hair was never before.
*** PUBERTY***

 Make it a celebration

Make it a group thing

Our Western society in many ways, shy away from the PERIOD topic. 

It is our aim to educate and empower you to bring a CELEBRATION, EMBRACING THE TRANSITION, where child, parent, and society win.  It is a wonderful thing to blossom forth as change takes place making you Wiser, Stronger, and Beautiful.

Health and Me 

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun

“My emotions are on a roller coaster, I cry for no reason, and I feel out of control,” says your teen.  “My daughter isn’t listening, she has a bad attitude, I feel disrespected and angry because of this,” says many parents.  It’s normal!!! 

Everyone, take a deep breath and breathe. With proper education on the puberty topic in advance, you gain wisdom and an understanding of each other’s viewpoints empowering you to transition together in a healthy place.  United hearts allow for years of celebrations for generation to come.


Calling DIYers

Read books, talk to friends, search the web, and connect with us here at for ideas, suggestions, and discussions with preteens and teens, parents and professionals who have become or are experts in this area. 

Understanding how to successfully embrace the transition into puberty with a healthy mind, soul, and body will ensure the Celebration we aim to bring to every family connected.

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